Installation fails with a reference number on Windows XP


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You are trying to install Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud and the installation fails with a reference number. 

%ProgramData%\Symantec.Cloud\Syminstall\SymantecLauncher.log contains:

·         Framework::CVerifyTrust::IsFileTrusted(133) : File syminstall\defs\symcdefs.exe failed verify trust 4


The installation process includes downloading and running the latest Intelligent Updater in order to start the client with recent definitions. The Intelligent Updater is digitally signed by Symantec to ensure antivirus products do not consume definitions that have been tampered with.

This error occurs during the installation when the digital signature for the Intelligent Updater cannot be verified and can indicate a problem with the Certificate Authority or the Root Certificate on the machine.


Determine where the failure is occurring:

  1. Download the Intelligent Updater.
  2. Right-click the downloaded symcdefsi3264.exe, and click Properties.
  3. Click the Digital Signatures tab, select the signature from the list, and click Details.
  4. Under Digital Signature Information, verify that the status displays anything other than “This digital signature is OK”. This indicates a failure.
  5. Click View Certificate.
  6. Click the Certification Path tab.
  7. Under Certification path, look for any entries that have exclamation points or a red X.

To resolve an error (red X):

  1. In the Certification Path tab, under Certification path, select the Certificate that has the error, and click View Certificate.
  2. When prompted to install the certificate, choose the Trusted Publisher’s Root.

To resolve a warning (exclamation point), check the certification for the correct purposes:

  1. In the Certification Path tab, under Certification path, select VeriSign, and click View Certificate.
  2. Click the Details tab, and click Edit Properties.
  3. Under Certificate purposes, ensure that "Disable all purposes for this certificate" is not selected, and that Code Signing is checked.
  4. Click OK until you are back to the Digital Signature Details dialog box.
  5. Under Digital Signature Information, verify that the signature for the symcdefs package now displays “This digital signature is OK”, and install.