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When syncing assets from a Barcode handheld device to the Symantec Management Platform server, the sync times out. This may sync come assets and then timeout during the sync, or timeout at the beginning of the sync.




There are several reasons why a Barcode sync will timeout. The following are the most common causes and solutions for this issue.

Cause: Too many assets are attempted to be synced.
Barcode is only designed to work with between 1,000 and 3,000 maximum assets (which include the organizational/procurement associations and list of resources) on a handheld device. This is because of the memory limitations of handheld devices, which often only have 64 MB. But even with RAM expansions, the OS and Barcoder application are still limited in that environment. If the customer is attempting to sync many more assets past 3,000, this will very likely not work, or at best, work problematically. This can vary, depending on what is being synced, and how many levels of associations are being used. The only solution is to decrease the amount of assets being synced at any one time to the Altiris server. This may involve a lot of trial and error on the customer's part to determine what the best "safe" limit their handheld device can successfully sync in their environment. For example, batches of 700 assets at a time may be the maximum that can be used. A good suggestion on how to work around this is to set up a sync profile for each location that needs to work with Barcode, so long as that then limits the number of assets being synced to the handheld device of course. This can be managed by a computer filter used in the resources list, separating just that location's assets, for example. Also, when troubleshooting a synchronization profile, it is recommended to try using the Default one or create a new one with a minimal of assets or changes to it, so that it can be determined if the original was the issue or not. Note: Barcode is often mistaken as a "portal Altiris system", and customers will attempt to upload their entire Altiris database's worth of assets to it. This is an incorrect use of the product. Barcode is designed to be used in the field to scan in assets, such as from a stockroom, to then sync back to the Altiris server. If the customer needs a"portable Altiris system", the best suggestion for that would be a wireless laptop that has a direct connection to the Altiris server.

Additional information about Barcode's performance specifications can be obtained in the internal article HOWTO59313. Please contact Symantec Technical Support if you would like to receive a copy of this.

This issue may also result in the error "A server error occured: Failed to get resource manifest from database for delta synchronization", documented here:

Error "A server error occured: Failed to get resource manifest from database for delta synchronization" occurs when trying to synchronize assets using Barcode

However, if a smaller amount of assets syncs, but a larger amount does not, this is not the stored procedure issue documented in TECH216383, but is likely one of the issues found in this article, TECH214798.

Cause: Poor performance on the Altiris server due to NSEs failing to process result in inconsistent sync attempts.
Solution: When NSEs are failing to process on the Altiris server, this results in overall poor server performance. This will impact many areas, including Barcode. This can result then in syncs failing altogether, or cause the batch acceptance (if set to automatic) to not occur until even up to a day later due to the NSE backlog. The root cause of the issue must be investigated and resolved before Barcode can reliably sync assets. The following article discusses how to do this:

Barcode sync fails to add new assets

Cause: Heavy IIS activity results in sync timeouts.
Solution: If IIS, meaning the application pool that Altiris is using, is under a heavy burden, this will impact many areas, including Barcode. The solution is to create Barcode's own app pool where it runs by itself. This may then improve but not completely correct sync issues. The root cause of the heavy activity should be looked into, which could be NSEs failing to process (see the above cause). The following article describes how to set up Barcode's own app pool:

Using Barcode results in poor Console performance or hangs the Console

Additional troubleshooting

Barcode can have its sync timeout setting adjusted to help it in the above scenarios. Again, the root cause of why the Altiris server has poor performance should be investigated and corrected, which will then generally resolve Barcode sync issues too. But in the meantime, increasing Barcode's "SyncTimeout" (and certain other settings) can help stabilize its performance. This is documented here:

What are the available configuration options on a Barcode Hand Held device

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