Inv_HW_Desktop_Monitor Table Does Not Contain Monitor Model or Manufacturer Information Collected by Hardware Inventory


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Inventory Solution Inventory Solution for Mac


The Inv_HW_Desktop_Monitor table contains various columns of information about monitors collected by Hardware Inventory but does not contain the model or manufacturer information.


This model and manufacturer data is now stored in the Inv_HW_Logical_Device table.


Use the following query to combine and view monitor information from the Inv_HW_Desktop_Monitor and Inv_HW_Logical_Device tables. Please note that Symantec Support does not support custom scripts or queries so further modifications must be made by the user. To view the results in a report go to Reports>All Reports, then browse to a folder where a new report will be created, right-click on the folder and select New>Report>SQL Report. Give the report an appropriate name and replace the default text in the Parameterized Query section with the SQL query. Click Save Changes and view the results.

vComputer.Name [Computer],
Inv_HW_Logical_Device.[Device ID],
Inv_HW_Desktop_Monitor.[Serial Number],
Inv_HW_Desktop_Monitor.[Manufacturing Date],
Inv_HW_Desktop_Monitor.[Feature Support],
Inv_HW_Desktop_Monitor.[Screen Height],
Inv_HW_Desktop_Monitor.[Screen Width],
Inv_HW_Desktop_Monitor.[Video Input Mode] 
from Inv_HW_Desktop_Monitor
left join vComputer on vComputer.Guid = Inv_HW_Desktop_Monitor._ResourceGuid
left join Inv_HW_Logical_Device on Inv_HW_Logical_Device.[_ResourceGuid] = Inv_HW_Desktop_Monitor.[_ResourceGuid]
where Inv_HW_Logical_Device.Description like '%monitor%'
and datalength(Inv_HW_Desktop_Monitor.[Serial Number]) > 0
and datalength(Inv_HW_Logical_Device.[Model]) > 0
and Inv_HW_Logical_Device.Model not like '%WAN Miniport%'
and vComputer.Name is not NULL
and Inv_HW_Desktop_Monitor.[Device ID] = Inv_HW_Logical_Device.[Device ID]