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Deployment Tasks fail to execute on client machines in automation when Deployment Packages are missing/corrupt


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Deployment Solution


When attempting to assign a Deployment Task to a client machine booted into an automation environment, the task fails almost immediately with the included error message.

An unknown exception was thrown

CAtrsException exception, error = "Function 'Run' of task handler 'DeploymentSolutionAgent_Task' threw exception: Unhandled exception ()", OS error = 0, at line 718 re-throw at CClientTaskInstanceBase::_ExecuteTaskHandler re-throw at CClientTaskInstanceBase::_ExecuteTaskHander re-throw at CClientTaskInstanceBase::_Execute_CheckExcept


During the execution of Deployment Tasks, the client booted into an automation (preboot) environment attempt to access the nearest Package Server in order to get to necessary files for execution. These files are located in BDC and/or Imaging packages that will have been replicated down to and will exist on that server.

This error occurs when, for some reason, those packages are missing or corrupted on the Package Server, thus the client machine is unable to access the necessary files for execution.


Resolve the Package Server issue that is preventing these packages from successfully and completely replicating to the Server.

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