How to enable user accounts showing password expired within Security Information Manager 4.7


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Security Information Manager


 Password Expired for all SSIM users including Administrator account.

 While accessing WEB UI/SSIM Client Console with a user/administrator, getting error as "password expired" 


 There must be password policy enabled that causes this issue.


 Need to enable user account showing password expired due to password policy. Login to the Web UI and disable/edit password policy to resolve this issue. In case administrator account is also got expired, we can manage password policy with cn=root user account.

 1) Login to the SSIM WEB UI as cn=root.

2) In the WEB UI, go to the Setting > Password > Password Policy.

   By default all the options would be showing greyed out and you cannot edit/disable password policy.

   You have to enter admin mode by providing LDAP cn=root password before you can edit any password policy settings.

3) Provide cn=root password and click on "Enter Admin Mode" to get Admin privilege.

4) Edit/Disable password policy as needed.

5) Once you are done with required modification, save the changes and click on Leave Admin mode.

6) Logout the Web UI and try to access Web UI/SSIM Client console with a user/administrator account.

Now you should be able to access SSIM Web UI and SSIM Client console as well using a user/adminitrator account.


Applies To

 SSIM - 4.7.3

RHEL - 4.0