Best practice for GPO applied on Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) Services.


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Endpoint Protection


Customer has performed system hardening or applied GPO on some or all of the SEP/SEPM services.


 Some of the symptoms include:

1. Cannot open SEP user interface.

2. SEP Client showing malfunctioning on the client GUI.

3. SEP Client does not take content updates from SEPM / Liveupdate.

4. Clients not able to send correct information to the SEPM causing reporting discrepancies.



GPO is applied on SEP / SEPM services as part of system hardening.


Symantec does not support:

1. Restricted account settings with regards to any of the system and admin created user accounts.

2. Altering the system or user accounts that SEP/SEPM uses.

3. Any GPO access to any SEP/SEPM services.  "Not configured" is the only supported GPO parameter.