Encryption Desktop Drive Encryption 10.3.2 bootable USB files
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Encryption Desktop Drive Encryption 10.3.2 bootable USB files


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This article includes the files required to create bootable USB media for decrypting a drive encrypted with Encryption Desktop 10.3.2 for Windows. Please see article 181479 for instructions on creating and using the USB media.

Usually, you can simply copy these files from another machine running the same release of Encryption Desktop. The files attached to this article are therefore only required if you do not have access to such a machine.

To download the equivalent files for Encryption Desktop Drive Encryption 10.4.x, please refer to article 163333.

Please note that Symantec Encryption Desktop releases prior to 10.4.2 have reached their End of Service date.


Symantec Encryption Desktop 10.3.2.


Please download the zip file corresponding to the required release of Encryption Desktop.


SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.2_Win_WDE_USB_Recovery.zip get_app
SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.2MP9_Win_WDE_USB_Recovery.zip get_app
SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.2MP8_Win_WDE_USB_Recovery.zip get_app
SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.2MP7_Win_WDE_USB_Recovery.zip get_app
SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.2MP6_Win_WDE_USB_Recovery.zip get_app
SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.2MP5_Win_WDE_USB_Recovery.zip get_app
SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.2MP4_Win_WDE_USB_Recovery.zip get_app
SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.2MP3_Win_WDE_USB_Recovery.zip get_app
SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.2MP2_Win_WDE_USB_Recovery.zip get_app
SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.2MP1_Win_WDE_USB_Recovery.zip get_app
SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.2MP13_Win_WDE_USB_Recovery.zip get_app
SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.2MP12_Win_WDE_USB_Recovery.zip get_app
SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.2MP11_Win_WDE_USB_Recovery.zip get_app
SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.2MP10_Win_WDE_USB_Recovery.zip get_app