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Encryption Desktop Drive Encryption 10.3.2 for Recovery Disk Images


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Drive Encryption Drive Encryption Powered by PGP Technology Encryption Desktop Powered by PGP Technology


If a machine fails to load Windows or Encryption Desktop Drive Encryption bootguard (pre-boot) fails to load, you will need to decrypt the drive.

The recommended method of recovering an encrypted drive is to create Windows 10 WinPE recovery media because it boots to a command prompt and allows you to run PGPwde.exe, the Drive Encryption command line tool.

A much slower and less flexible alternative for machines with legacy BIOS is to use an Encryption Desktop Recovery Disk. Please see article 163334 for information about decrypting a drive using a Recovery Disk for releases of Encryption Desktop above 10.3.2.

Note that decrypting a drive with the Recovery Disk is extremely slow. The rate of decryption is approximately 9 GB per hour which means it will take about 28 hours to decrypt a 250 GB drive. It should therefore only be used as a last resort.

The Recovery Disk ISO files for Encryption Desktop 10.3.2 are attached to this article. However, please note that Encryption Desktop releases prior to 10.4.2 have reached their End of Service date.


Symantec Encryption Desktop Drive Encryption for Windows 10.3.2.


Please download the correct ISO file from this article and refer to article 163334 about using the Recovery Disk.


SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.2Win32_WDE_Recovery.iso get_app
SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.2MP9Win32_WDE_Recovery.iso get_app
SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.2MP8Win32_WDE_Recovery.iso get_app
SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.2MP7Win32_WDE_Recovery.iso get_app
SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.2MP6Win32_WDE_Recovery.iso get_app
SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.2MP5Win32_WDE_Recovery.iso get_app
SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.2MP4Win32_WDE_Recovery.iso get_app
SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.2MP3Win32_WDE_Recovery.iso get_app
SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.2MP2Win32_WDE_Recovery.iso get_app
SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.2MP1Win32_WDE_Recovery.iso get_app
SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.2MP13Win32_WDE_Recovery.iso get_app
SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.2MP12Win32_WDE_Recovery.iso get_app
SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.2MP11Win32_WDE_Recovery.iso get_app
SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.2MP10Win32_WDE_Recovery.iso get_app