After upgrading the Symantec Management Platform 7.1 to 7.5, associations in resources are then missing


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After performing an on-box upgrade of the Symantec Management Platform 7.1 to 7.5, later, it's found that certain resource associations, such as the Asset Owner, are now missing and no longer associated to the resource.




Symantec Technical Support is not aware of any defect or specific reason why this may occur. While an on-box upgrade is possible, it is recommended to install 7.5 onto a new database instead. The reason for this is if there were prior severe issues in 7.1's database, performing an upgrade to 7.5 could further complicate these, resulting in more or new issues in the upgraded database. But in itself, the upgrade should not normally be the cause of this.

To help verify what may have been removed, go into the Resource Change History for an affected record (right click on it > CMDB Functions > Resource Change History). Does this show that the resource ever had the association, but shows otherwise other historical events? Often, it is thought or assumed that associations were fully set up, but in fact, were not or were at least not universally set up on all resources that they were expected to be on. The Resource Change History can help to show that the association never actually existed. Or, it may show that it was there, but now removed. If it was removed, it may show why, or it may not.

The end result of any missing associations is that they are normally desired to be re-associated back. The solution varies depending on the association type and how it was originally associated. In some cases, there are automated tasks that set associations. It can then be allowed for these to continue to work normally, which would then restore the associations. Otherwise, the customer would need to best decide how to repopulate these. This can be performed by manual editing the affected records, through a custom CMDB rule, through a Data Connector import rule or through Barcode Solution.

For a Data Connector import rule, if the data is available in a file, use the following article to help set this up:

How to import data using a Data Connector Import Rule

The best solution scenario for Data Connector is when the data was really there, and is in a database backup. If the database is attached a SQL server, an OLEDB import rule can be used to point to the old database to easily recreate the associations. The following article demonstrates how to connect to another database:

How to create a Data Connector data source that can access a database

Note: Neither of the above articles are necessarily specifically intended for the solution of repopulating lost associations. The articles assume that the user is familiar with using and configuring import rule. A basic rule to assign associations is relatively simple, and the above articles will help explain how this can be accomplished by the customer.

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