How to check if a custom CMDB rule or Data Connector import rule is scheduled


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Sometimes issues occur with data, and it is believed that a custom CMDB Rule (Settings > All Settings > Notification Server > Connector > CMDB Rules) or a Data Connector import rule (Settings > All Settings > Notification Server > Connector > Import/Export Rules) is the cause. How can these be easily checked to see which ones are scheduled or not, such as if there are many present?


The attached SQL script can be run in the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to help determine if there are any scheduled custom CMDB rules or Data Connector import rules. If found, this will list the type, name, last manually ran on date and the schedule settings. However, it is strongly recommended to nevertheless manually go through each custom CMDB rule and Data Connector import rule to inspect them for what they are doing and if they were manually ran or scheduled during the time of the issue.

Once the custom CMDB rule or Data Connector import rule is found that is believed to be the issue, disable this from being scheduled. Then, during the next time that the issue normally occurs, does it still happen? If no, then the rule was the cause. Correct what the rule is doing, its data and its logic, before re-enabling it to be scheduled again.


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