DAgent is not communicating with Deployment Server after booting through WinPE 4.0 automation


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DAgent is not communicating with Deployment Server after computer has booted through WinPE 4.0 automation. The DAgent status on the client machine shows "Client Record Updated" but the computer name and MAC address is blank. Assigned Deployment Server imaging jobs will not run.


#1 McAfee Antivirus was preventing the build process from adding WMI components to the WinPE boot image. (It is possible that other anti-virus applications can also cause this issue.)

#2 Corruption or missing files in the Windows ADK 8.0 installation.

Note: Boot Disk Creator has the ability to generate log output to file for troubleshooting purposes. Logging can be turned on by editing the bootwiz.ini located in the "<%ProgramFiles%>\altiris\express\Deployment Server\Bootwiz directory" (if you installed DS using the default path).

Add the following section:



For this example, the next time you start the Boot Disk Creator it will create a bdc.log file located at the root of c:.

After Boot Disk Creator has generated a Automation Boot file, check the bdc.log for any indications of missing files or other errors even if the build process completes successfully.


#1 Resolution:

-Disable McAfee Antivirus on the Deployment Server.

-Rebuild all WinPE automation configurations and PXE configurations or build new configurations.

-Re-enable McAfee Antivirus on the Deployment Server.

-Install the Automation partition on client machines that use this method for booting into automation.

-Assign imaging task to the client machine again.

#2 Resolution:

- Uninstall ADK 8.0 and reinstall from a new source. (http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30652) NOTE: This must be ADK 8.0 and not ADK 8.1 or newer.

- Reinstall WinPE 4.0 files in Deployment Server.

- Create new automation configurations for Bootwiz and/or PXE server.

Applies To

DS 6.9 SP6

WinPE 4.0

McAfee Antivirus