Symantec Encryption Desktop - Dell E7240 and mSATA SSD SCSI Disk Device SSO issue


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Drive Encryption


On a Dell E7240 computer with an mSATA SCSI Disk Device, in Symantec Encryption Desktop, the disk shows as a Removable Drive not as a Fixed Disk.

While you actually can encrypt the disk as normal, you may be unable to use the following features:

  • Single Sign-On 
  • Display detailed authentication fields
  • WDE Admin passphrase user



The SATA RAID driver may cause the disk to incorrectly appear as a removable drive and not a fixed drive. The above mentioned features are not supported on removable drives.



Check the version of your Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) RAID Driver. Try updating the driver to the latest version:

Reboot Windows and the disk status of the affected computer should change to "Fixed Disk".  After updating the policy, Single Sign-On should function properly.


Applies To

Windows 7
Symantec Encryption Desktop
Dell E7240 with a mSATA SCSI Disk Device

Affected Disk Models:

  • Samsung SSD SM841
  • Liteonit LMT-256 SSD