DS7.5 KNOWN ISSUE: Long delay in Automation before any task will run, including Initial Deployment.


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When starting the automation environment, you may see up to a 5 minute delay before any task will run.  This is not because it's timing out, but just because it takes that long to get everything running.


This is known by Development and being researched.  As explained below, most of this is how the newer more secure processes work, but we're looking into ways to speed things up if possible.

There are at least 2 major and 2 minor delays in the processes when you look at the logs:


  • a 2 minute delay occurs during the match-up to get a GUID.
  • Another 15 second delay occurs when looking to see if any TCPIP information needs to be updated.

Both of the above delays are calls to the NS for information via ASPX pages.  The first is the obvious long one, and we believe it's security related.

In the SMP.LOG:

  • a 2 minute delay occurs durring the attempt to register with a task server.  Interestingly, this is only the first of the task servers, not all, indicating again, a security request that, once established, goes faster later.
  • Another 20 second delay occurs before the actual connection may be made with the chosen task server.  We suspect this delay may depend on environments though, and how busy the task server is, but we're not sure.


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