Unable to login to the management console. Console shortcut and libraries missing after Symantec Workspace Streaming 7.5_HF1 Server upgrade from 7.5


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Workspace Streaming (formerly AppStream)


The Streaming Management Console files may be lost post upgrade to 7.5 HF1 from the previous version of same family (7.5) .Clicking on the "Streaming Console" shortcut might trigger the message, "Windows is searching for the management console login.url"

Windows is searching for the management conole login.url. To search yourself click on Browse.


Symantec is still investigating the root cause and will update once we have completed our investigation.


To Workaround this problem please follow the below steps :

Step 1 a.Once upgrade is completed go the following location (where C:\Symantec is the installation directory)
                C:\Symantec\Workspace Streaming\Server\console\webapps\console

             b.If the above folder is empty then GOTO Step 2

Step 2 . Download the attached file (Console.zip) and extract it to a specific location. Now copy the extracted folder named "Console" and drop it to the below location

C:\Symantec\Workspace Streaming\Server\console\webapps\

So it should now hold the files in the following structure

C:\Symantec\Workspace Streaming\Server\console\webapps\console\WEB-INF\lib\awe_console_jaas.jar
C:\Symantec\Workspace Streaming\Server\console\webapps\console\Management Console Login.url

Step 3. Now, Go to the properties of the fle 'Management Console Login.url' and Set the target to http://hostname:9842 (Where hostname is the hostname of your Backend Console Server) . Click on Apply / Ok

Step 4. Now you should be able to lauch the Streaming console from Start Menu or Desktop. 



Applies To

Applies to the following scenario only

An upgrade from 7.5 (  to 7.5 HF1 (



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