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Error accessing IT Analytics reports after upgrade or password change.


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IT Analytics IT Management Suite Server Management Suite Client Management Suite


IT Analytic reports give error when trying to access.

An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted)
Cannot impersonate user for data source 'ITAnalytics'. (rsErrorImpersonatingUser)
Log on failed. Ensure the user name and password are correct. (rsLogonFailed)


All Versions 7.x and 8.x.


ITAnalytics requires that each user account wishing to access IT Analytic reports be added to the Report server IT Analytic folder level security and datasource password be reset. During an upgrade the account credentials are updated, but the verification step of the credentials doesn't fully populate. A manual test is needed In most cases entering the correct Domain\Password corrects this issue.


How to Access the Report Manager and check credentials set to Datasources

From the console go to Settings / Notification Server settings / IT Analytics settings

  1. In the left pane choose Configuration and under Report Server Authentication Type choose the pencil.
  2. Next re-input the password for the account and save settings. If Kerberos is setup choose windows integrated for authentication (This sets the data source authentication on the Report Server)


Manually change the datasource authentication

To access the Report Manager by default type in the http://Servername/Reports into the Address bar.

  1. Another way to access is open Reporting services configuration manager and look at the Report Manager URL tab. Select the address specified this should open the Manager.
  2. Once in the manager, select either the CMDB data source container or the ITAnalytics container we need to check both.
  3. Open the Security tab on the left, Make sure the account has at least Browser(READ), Content manager set.
  4. While still in the Data source container on the properties Tab, under Credentials stored securely in the report server put in a username and password (this will be used for shared access to the datasource), then if it’s a Windows account check the box Use as Windows credentials when connecting to the data source.
  5. Test connection.
  6. Repeat these steps on both Datasource containers.


Add accounts to Folder security
On the SMP you will need to add accounts to the IT Analytics folder security by:

  1. From the console go to Settings / Notification Server settings / IT Analytics settings.
  2. In the left pane choose Reports then the Security tab.
  3. Now add either specific User accounts or a Role containing accounts who wish to view the IT Analytics reports.

See the attached doc for additional information and screenshots.


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