Windows Server Disaster Recovery fails when Antivirus products are included in the base build


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During a full disaster recovery of a NetBackup client, it is necessary to perform a bare minimum installation of Windows. This installation should not be customized in any way and no optional Windows components should be installed. Also, this installation should not have any third-party components slipstreamed into it. In particular, antivirus software is known to cause issues during full system recovery if it is installed as a part of the bare minimum Windows install.

The system restore can complete with exit code 0 and no skipped files listed in TAR logs but upon first re-boot the server may blue screen or boot into Windows but with very limited functionality and be unstable


Some antivirus products can still be scanning and preventing files from being overwritten at a kernel level even though the software may appear disabled. The only way to be certain that there is to make sure that the antivirus product is not installed.


To build the recovery host, just install the Windows Operating System to the same Service Pack level as the backup host but do not apply any Windows updates, Antivirus Products or third-party software that may interfere with the system recovery. All products that were installed on the client will be restored once the system is restored so there is no need to have anything other than the base Operating System and NetBackup binaries installed.

Applies To

NetBackup - All versions

Windows Server 2003 and 2008