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Symantec Encryption Desktop Single Sign On nonfunctional with Dell BIOS versions A05, or greater.


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Endpoint Encryption


The single sign on feature is unavailable or nonfunctional with DELL BIOS versions A05, or greater on Dell models E7440 and E7240.  Other Dell models that use the same BIOS may also experience the same issue.

If Symantec Encryption Desktop is installed prior to updating the BIOS version to A05 or greater, SSO will not work as expected and custom images on Boot Guard may not load properly.

If Symantec Encryption Desktop is installed after BIOS is updated to, or currently on version A05 or greater, the SSO option also may not be available in the client interface when manually adding a new user.  


The SATA RAID driver causes the disk to incorrectly appear to be a removable drive and not a fixed drive.  This happens in systems even if not using a RAID configuration. 


Check the version of your Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) RAID Driver, that includes SATA as well.  Update it to at least version

Then reboot the Windows machine. The disk status of affected machine should have changed to "Fixed Disk", and SSO should resume working as intended. 

Applies To

Symantec Encryption Desktop: All versions.

Dell E7440 with BIOS version A05, or greater. 
Dell E7240 with BIOS version A05, or greater.