How to apply Symantec Endpoint Encryption Device Control Policies to a client machine off the network


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You would like to apply specific SEE Device Control policies to a client machine that is not connected to your network.





To allow an off the network client machine to apply Device Control policies, you will need to do the following:

1) Log into the SEE Device Control Management Console

2) Create the desired policy

3) Go to Tools-->Administration-->Policies

4) Under "Publishing Method" select "Publish policies to a shared folder"

**Note: If you had previously been using only one method to publish policies (directly from server to clients is the default) then you will receive a prompt advising you that the "Policy Server" method will take precedence over the other methods. This is normal and okay.

5) Enabling this option will allow the DC Manager Console to save the policies as .reg files which just need to be clicked to install. However, you will need to specify a path for storing the policy registry files as indicated in the field right below the shared folder opion.

6) Browse and select the desired path to save the .reg format DC Policies. Note: If you select a non-network path you will receive a prompt asking you if it is okay to do so.

7) You may receive another prompt asking you if it is okay to proceed with re-publishing all policies. This is also normal and okay.

8) Once this process is finished, all of your current policies will be availabe in .reg format. Simply copy the desired policy (or policies) to your intended off network machines and then just double click to install them (you will receive a warning prompt before changes to your registry are made).

9) The policy should now be applied to the client machine and can be verified by checking the DC Client console.

Applies To

SEE Device Control v8.2.x Management Server and client machine