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Computers that use the Intel Boot Agent version 1.5.35 cannot properly boot through the PXE boot process


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Computers that use the Intel Boot Agent version 1.5.35 (and perhaps other 1.5.3x versions) cannot properly boot using a PXE boot process.

Attempting to PXE boot a computer which uses this version of the Intel Boot Agent may not display any error message. Instead the screen will simply freeze after displaying the Intel Boot Agent information.


Intel (R) Boot Agent GE v1.5.38.01
Copyright (C) 1997-2013, Intel Corporation 

Client MAC ADDR: xx xx xx xx xx xx GUID: Guid Number 
Client IP: IP Address Mask: 
DHCP IP: IP Address PROXY IP: IP Address 

Altiris, inc, X86PC PreBoot, PXE-2.x Enhanced 
Build ID=402 


The Intel Boot Agent 1.5.35 (and perhaps 1.5.3x) will not function correctly when computers attempt to boot through a PXE boot process.


Versions of BIOS and EFI that include the Intel Boot Agent version 1.5.43 do not exhibit the PXE boot issue. Until this version is available in future BIOS and EFI updates, some manufacturers (such as HP) will include the Intel Boot Agent version 1.4.10 in their latest BIOS and EFI releases.

Downgrading the BIOS or EFI to an earlier version may also resolve the issue until updates are available from the computer manufacturers.

**If an updated bios is not available or you are unable to update the BIOS at this time, a possible work around for this issue is to go to DS Console --> PXE Configuration Utility --> Multicast --> Disable MTFTP --> Save changes --> Test imaging.


Applies To

Deployment Server 6.9 all versions.

This issue has been found on newer HP, Dell and Lenovo systems.