Customers running SSL Proxy in tunnel mode experience slowness in their HTTPS access.


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Web Gateway


Client browsers experience slowness in HTTPS access and sometimes unable to access HTTPS sites.  SWG appliance may reboot spontaneously on a random interval longer than three days.


The SSL Deep Inspection component fails to clean up session data in some situations where the client browser or remote web server terminates connection unexpectedly.  This leads to a memory leak condition within the SSL Deep Inspection component.


To confirm and resolve a possible memory leak in the SSL Deep Inspection component, please contact Symantec Technical Support. 

Note: Tech Support please check the Internal notes for resolution.

Applies To

On Administration> Configuration> Operating Mode, either PROXY on INLINE+PROXY mode is selected, \n - On Administration> Configuration> Proxy, SSL Deep Inspection is enabled. \n - On Administration> Updates, the current software version is or earlier.