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DS7.5 - KNOWN ISSUE: Slow Imaging with Ghost and/or problems with Multicasting


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Deployment Solution


When capturing or deploying an image using Ghost (RDeploy may also be affected but we're not yet sure) you may see slower performance than you are familiar with in previous versions of the product.  For instance, you may see a 30 minute job take 1 or 2 hours instead.  You may also see tasks fail due to time-outs.

Multicast is affected in a similar way, but with a different response.  In a multicast session, we're seeing an increased number of dropped sessions, that is, a session of 10 systems initially may only finish with 1-3 by the end, and all the other 7-9 may start over as unicast sessions, and complete way outside of the original Multicast.


DS 7.5 Hotfix 3 corrected several of these performance issues.  If you are experiencing severe performance issues post HF3, you may want to contact support to see what else in the environment may be affecting this.  For instance, if an image is pulled over a WAN link, obvioiusly there will be issues with performance!