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BUG REPORT: export of a text file from SAP GUI client into a Netshare encrypted folder on a DFS share creates an unencrypted and corrupted file


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A problem was observed when exporting text files from 3rd party application "SAP GUI client 7.20" into a Netshare encrypted folder on a domain based DFS share.

The exported file appears to be corrupted and cannot be opened with Symantec Encryption Desktop.

The Netshare driver is bypassed causing the exported file to contain plain text content and "NUL" characters at the end of the file.


When exporting from the SAP GUI client the corrupted file was opened only for a single write process which bypassed the Netshare driver.


This issue is fixed in the following release:
        •     PGP Desktop 10.3.1 MP1

Please upgrade to the latest available release in order to take advantage of this and other enhancements and improvements.

The Symantec Encryption Desktop 10.3.1 MP1 release notes write:
"Resolved an issue where a TXT file, exported from the SAP GUI into a Symantec File Share Encryption folder in a Microsoft Distributed File System (DFS), is now encrypted and contains no empty lines or null characters. [3005282]"

Please note that customers reported the same problem after applying the maintenance pack. Even after upgrading to 10.3.1 MP1 or above, the problem occurs in certain environments and seems to be dependent on the templates used within the SAP application. In this case please report the problem to Symantec Technical Support.

As a workaround export the files from the SAP client to a folder on the local disk and then transfer them to the DFS share afterwards.


Applies To


Symantec Encryption Desktop prior 10.x. using a Netshare encrypted folder on a domain based DFS share while exporting files from SAP GUI client software.