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Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Web Services SDK Update


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Endpoint Protection


You want to write a client application that calls the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager web services. You try to run the PowerShell samples that are provided as part of the web services SDK on the product layout, but the samples fail.


The PowerShell samples were not completely updated to support OAuth 2.0, which is required for client authentication.


Use the samples that are included in the zipped version of the SDK that is attached to this support article. The zip file includes the Integration Guide and the Reference Guide for the SDK. The WSDL directory contains only a placeholder file. You can work with the static WSDL files that are provided as part of the SDK on your product layout, or you can dynamically generate the WSDL files on your management server. For more information about the WSDLs, see the Integration Guide.

NOTE: To use the samples out of the box, you must copy them to the PowerShell directory in the SDK on your product layout. See the readme file in the PowerShell directory.

The SDK is found in the following location on the product layout: \Tools\Integration\SEPM_WebService_SDK



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