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Mail flow with exchange using send connector for Symantec Encryption server.


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Understand the flow of mail between clients that encrypt and decrypt emails using the Symantec Encryption Management server(previously known as PGP Universal server) and use Microsoft Exchange.


Send connector is not setup on exchange for Symantec encryption server. 


When we want to send an email from a user in one domain to a user in another domain and the placement is Gateway then the flow of email will be will as follow. 


Client sends to Exchange, Exchange sends to PGP, PGP sends to Fliter (Eg : blackhole) and then the mails moves out to the recipient 


Note : we are encrypting / decrypting on the SEMS server, hence it is not necessary that the clients have Symantec encryption desktop or not. 

The above flow is just for outbound and does not contain the flow diagram for inbound. 


The mail is first sent from the client and is passed on to the Exchange server. 

Inorder for the mail to pass on to the SEMS server, we need to make exchange aware of our SEMS server


To achieve this we create a send connector. 


By using Exchange Management Console


Open the EMC and navigate to the next location(Exchange 2010): Organization Configuration > Hub Transport > Send Connectors > New Send Connector.  

Name the Send connector, select Custom under the “Select the intended use for this connector” and click Next:

In order to send emails to all the domains in our environment, click the Add option and fill * (asterisk) under the Domain field, click OK and Next:
If you want to route the emails to Smart Host (in our case the SEMS Server : keys.pgp2.lab), choose Route mail through the following smart hosts, click Next:
This is all we need to configure on exchange for SEMS server integration, we do not need any more settings to be done, proceed with clicking next and then finish. 

Applies To

Symantec Encryption Server 3.x

Microsoft Exchange 2010

PGP Desktop Client 10.x 1