Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager notification for out-of-date virus definitions and the Computer Status log show a discrepancy in the number of out-of-date computers


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Endpoint Protection


You receive an email notification that some computers in your network have out-of-date virus definitions. When you view the Computer Status log and filter the view on out-of-date definitions, you notice that the number of computers that report out-of-date definitions is larger than the number of computers that are specified in the notification.


The discrepancy is by design. The notification shows the number of computers that report out-of-date definitions for their installed and enabled technology components. The Computer Status log shows the same computers that report out-of-date definitions. However, the Computer Status log also considers computers with uninstalled or disabled components, such as Auto-Protect, to be out of date because the component is not reporting status. Therefore the count of computers in the Computer Status log that show as “out-of-date” might be larger than the number shown in the email notification.

The Computer Status log includes a column that shows whether Auto-Protect is enabled or disabled.