Unable to upgrade to ServiceDesk 7.5 SP1 - cannot login to the ProcessManager portal after installing Workflow prior to the SP1 upgrade


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 Upgrading from ServiceDesk 7.5 MP1 to ServiceDesk 7.5 SP1 does not work. After completing the Workflow portion of the upgrade, the ServiceDesk portion cannot install due to not being able to login to the ProcessManager portal.

 Method 'get_RuleName' in type 'Symantec.ServiceDesk.Im.Automation.IncidentRulesetArguments' from assembly 'Symantec.ServiceDesk.Im.Automation, Version=7.5.9999.8321, Culture=neutral, PlublicKeyToken=null' does not have an implementation.

It is also possible to get errors saying a method does not have an implementation in the 'Symantec.ServiceDesk.Automation.Common' and 'Symantec.ServiceDesk.Cm.Automation' libraries.


Delete the following files from %ProgramFiles%\Symantec\Workflow\ProcessManager\Plugins\Rules.

  • Symantec.ServiceDesk.Automation.Common.dll
  • Symantec.ServiceDesk.Im.Automation.dll
  • Symantec.ServiceDesk.Cm.Automation.dll

After doing this, restart the Symantec Workflow Server Service and IIS. Your install should now work correctly. 

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 Upgrading from ServiceDesk 7.5 MP1 to ServiceDesk 7.5 SP1