Critical System Protection Agent install fails on AIX with error 54 bosboot failed.


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Critical System Protection


When installing the SCSP Agent on AIX, the installation halts with an error that bosboot failed.

Error 54 - bosboot: WARNING! bosboot failed - do not attempt to boot device. An error occurred during bosboot processing. Please rerun the 'bosboot -a' command as root.  If the problem persists, please correct the problem before reboot.


The command "bosboot -a" runs as part of the SCSP Agent installation process. The purpose is to generate a new boot image when modifications have been made to the boot environment. This issue will occur on any AIX server where the bosboot utility is unable to run, but the problem has been particularly observed on systems running EMC Powerpath. This is because bosboot cannot run when the boot disk is an EMC device.


The workaround is to run a command to allow a version of the bosboot command to run that is compatible with EMC environments. To do this, you need to create a wrapper for the bosboot script so that it calls the modified version of the command.

The command sequence is as follows:

  1. Run the command "pprootdev fix" to change the boot device to a non-EMC device.
  2. Create and verify a bosboot wrapper script:
    mv /usr/sbin/bosboot /usr/sbin/bosboot.orig            # Rename the bosboot script
    touch /usr/sbin/bosboot                                           # Create a new empty bosboot file
    head -1 /usr/sbin/bosboot.orig > /usr/sbin/bosboot    # Copy the script header to the new file
    echo /usr/sbin/bosboot.orig -ad /dev/ipldevice >> /usr/sbin/bosboot           # Add the modified bosboot command
    cat /usr/sbin/bosboot                                              # Check the modified contents (see below**).
    chmod +x /usr/sbin/bosboot                                   # Make the new script executable
  3. Run the SCSP installation.
  4. Rename bosboot
    mv /usr/sbin/bosboot /usr/sbin/bosboot.csp
    mv /usr/sbin/bosboot.orig /usr/sbin/bosboot

** The new bosboot file should contain the following text:

/usr/sbin/bosboot.orig -ad /dev/ipldevice

Note:  If you need to uninstall SCSP, you will need to follow the above steps.

This issue is resolved in the 5.2.9 MP5 and later AIX agent build.


Applies To

AIX 5.3, 6.1 and 7.1. The issue is specifically associated with AIX servers running EMC Powerpath software.