Failures capturing or deploying images result in a 183 error in the console.


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Sometimes, when you attempt to capture or deploy an image, you may get an error 183 in the console and the image task fails.


There are actually several causes for this.  Please read carefully the solution.


The 183 error is a generic error,  this is the standard Windows response to a failure and more research needs to be done to find an appropriate matching KB.

If you see this error, you need to go to the system that was attempting to run the task and look at the DSTasks log.  This log, along with the SMP log, will tell you what was being attempted, and what the REAL error is.  In the DSTasks log, you can search for the 183 error, and then read up above that for what was happening.  The 183 error is displayed in the log AFTER the error as the return code to the product.


[2013/11/19 16:56:10.536 1728:1700 2] tcube::ClientImageDeploy::ExecuteCommand:1154 Result of excution of X:\Program Files\Symantec\Deployment\Ghost\Ghost32.exe
[2013/11/19 16:56:10.536 1728:1700 2] apps\DeploymentClient\ClientImageDeploy\Tcube_ClientImageDeploy.cpp:1182 ImageDeploy Task, Execute, Process returned 1
[2013/11/19 16:56:10.536 1728:1700 0] File:common\util\ExecuteCommand.cpp,Line:4303 ERROR: Exception has occured in File Tcube_ClientImageDeploy.cpp at Line No 995. Type of exception is ClientImageDeployException. Error Description is "Child Process returned an error". The exit code from process is 1. Value of Windows error code = 183 and message is " Cannot create a file when that file already exists."

Once you have more details, search the KB for specific related articles, or check the Recommended Reading list for common matches. Again this is a generic error, and is a result of something else that happened above this line in the logs.