Create an email messaging service with PGP standalone


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Desktop Email Encryption


Unable to send encrypted emails.


Messaging service which was created was corrupt


Under the enrollment process, make sure not to "Uncheck" the option "Automatically detect my email account"

Once the re-enrollment is sucessful, open the email client and send a test email to yourself.

Note : The email client must be closed before performing the above task.

On the next windows, please choose "Yes, secure this email account"

On the next window, choose the option desired as per your enviroment settings. In situation of messaging email service corruption, please choose the option "Encryption Desktop Key"

Now select the respective key(s) from the list which will be used for encrypting the email.

Click on "Finish"

To confirm open PGP Desktop client, under PGP messaging tab you will see the new PGP messaging service.

Note : To further test, you can try sending an email and verify the 'sign' & 'encrypt' button.

Applies To

Symantec Encryption Desktop version 10.3.1

Windows 8