unable to connect with DAgent for status updates


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Windows 7 Client unable to connect to DS server. 

Dagent running on the client computer has the following message. 

"unable to connect with DAgent for status updates"

On the client, it does try to register to the server but eventually fails.



Log files has the following messages.

 [11/25/2013 23:31:19.609 164 0] ReplyUpdateComputer.cpp:312 - CheckDsVersion - DS Did not return Version String

[11/25/2013 23:31:19.609 164 0] ReplyUpdateComputer.cpp:313 - CheckDsVersion - DS Version assumed to be incompatible
[11/25/2013 23:31:19.611 164 0] ReplyUpdateComputer.cpp:190 - Error removing registry value.
[11/25/2013 23:31:19.611 164 0] ReplyUpdateComputer.cpp:296 - Error reading logevent status from registry.
[11/25/2013 23:31:19.621 4056 0] UiInitialConnectThread.cpp:97 - CUIError error, CUiInitialConnect::ReadConnectPacket() - Shutting down. - 0


1.  No license files 

2. Deny IP list enabled.


1.  Please verify that DS server has the correct count of licenses installed.

Help > about . should be the correct date & count.

2. Verfiy that there is no deny IP range specified. 

Control Panel > Deployment solution > Options > Connections > Allow reject agents based on IP 

Please change View by small icons instead of category view

In our case allow/deny was enabled and ONLY server IP was specified. i.e. 

start IP 10.x.x.1 end :10.x.x.1

replace end with 10.x.x.254

that fixed our issue.








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Title: DAgent not able to connect to Deployment Server



Applies To

 DS 6.9 SP 5