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"Feature enable pending” message appearing on the SCSP Agent


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Critical System Protection


The “Assets” view in the SCSP Manager console shows a message saying “Feature enable pending” on one or more of the SCSP Agents.  However, when the “sisipsconfig.exe -v” command is run on the SCSP Agent, it shows the Prevention Feature is enabled.

Feature enable pending.


The SCSP Agent has been installed with the “Enable Intrusion Prevention” check box selected, but the machine the SCSP Agent was installed on has not yet been rebooted to complete the installation.


Reboot the machine the SCSP Agent was installed on.

If the issue persists after doing this, run the "sisipsconfig.exe -t" command on the SCSP Agent machine and then refresh the "Assets" section in the SCSP Manager.

The "sisipsconfig.exe" tool can be found in the following location on the SCSP Agent machine...

<Agent Install Dir>\Symantec\Critical System Protection\Agent\IPS\bin\

Applies To

SCSP Manager: 5.2.9+
SCSP Agent: 5.2.9+