My printers and scanners are being blocked


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Symantec Products


Printers and Scanners are blocked when USB Device Control is enabled while using Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition (SBE)


Attached USB devices that register with a storage GUID in Windows will be blocked


The current implementation of USB device control does not allow for the granularity of choosing which device(s) can or cannot be blocked. Device blocking depends on how the manufacturer designed that device and whether it falls into our classification.

There are two workarounds for this issue

  • Disable USB Device Control for any machines where these devices are connected.
  • Log into SBE cloud management console
  1. Click Settings tab
  2. Select computer settings
  3. Check the box use this password for features displaying the lock icon, click save changes
  4. Open the local agent GUI Select Override USB Device Control
  5. Enter password
  6. Plug in USB device