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Failed deployment of Live Update Host without error.


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Symantec Products


Using "Enable as Local Update Host" on a specific computer starts the process and reveals the status bar but the status disappears without error and the computer does not show up as a Live Update Host (LUH).


The LUH automatically installs to the C:\ drive while the Platform Agent will only look for the ClientSiteProxy folder on the drive it was installed on.


Reinstall the software itself on to the C:\ Drive.


Manually process the installation of the Live Update Host.

To Manually process the installation of the LUH:
If previous attempts have been made to enable the LUH; ensure that all traces have been removed and the machine has been rebooted.

To Install the LUH to D:
1. Create a folder called D:\Program Files\\ClientSiteProxy.
2. Download the attached - Client Site Proxy.msi.
3. Open a CMD.exe prompt with administrative priveleges.
4. CD to the directory that the Client Site Proxy.msi file was downloaded to (i.e. CD "C:\users\user_name\downloads")
5. Run the command "msiexec.exe /i " - Client Site Proxy.msi" INSTALLDIR="D:\Program Files\\ClientSiteProxy"

Once the installer has exited the LUH should be enabled.

Applies To software is installed on any drive besides C:\.

Attachments - Client Site Proxy.msi get_app