Control Compliance Suite 11: Evaluation Export to Excel fails with error String assigned to the cell cannot be greater than 32767


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Control Compliance Suite Unix


You are trying to export Evaluation Results using option File ->Export to Excel and export operation is terminated with the error below: 


String values assigned to a cell cannot have a length greater than 32767



 The error is valid. Some of the checks return more than 32767 characters and cannot be imported to the single cell as per Microsoft Excel limitation

For more information on Excel specification please refer to the link below:



There is another option in CCS that allows the export. If you would like to avoid the error, right click the asset in the Asset-based view and choose "export results to XLS" - that will truncate evidence output larger than 30000 characters into multiple cells. For example, evidence of 40000 characters will be spanned over one cell of 30000 and a second cell of 10000 characters. Excel must be installed in order to make this workaround working.

Alternatively - export to csv and use that for data processing or manipulation.



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CCS 11 SCU 2013-2 PU 2013-2