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Point fixes For ServiceDesk 7.5 SP1


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 Where can I find the point fixes for ServiceDesk 7.5 Sp1?


Attached to this article are all of the point fixes for ServiceDesk 7.5 SP1. Feel free to download any of the attachments. Referenced Etracks are listed for documentation.


  • Before applying any point fix please confirm you are running build 7.5.3001.77 or higher version of Workflow. This can easily be confirmed by going to Help->About inside Workflow Designer. If you aren't running the specified build or newer please contact Symantec Technical Support to acquire the updated build. Information on the fixes that are included in this updated Worfklow build can be found in article HOWTO95421
  • Please see the individual point fix knowledge base articles for specific instructions on how to apply the point fix if necessary.


KB Article Title Etrack Date Added
TECH213962 Get Impact/Urgency Matrix editor component configured to use localhost in URL value. 3345585 01/14/14
TECH212099 If a user in the Service Managers group sends an e-mail to ServiceDesk, that user is being denied permissions on the EM ticket 3353712 01/14/14
TECH213963 Error Exception at Run method with message :Empty SessionID 3357514 01/14/14
TECH213964 Need to add options to control Change process on CAB votes 3362667 01/14/14
TECH212915 'Send Change to Workflow' action is not available in Change Management Process Event rulesets. 3379552 01/14/14
TECH213371 Hold Management: Unexpected assignments for 'Incident On Hold' and subsequent recreated incident task. 3394836 01/14/14 
TECH213550 Location required flag causes loss of description if location isn't set. 3398899 01/14/14
TECH214011 Exception trigger needed in Create Cancellation Messages model in SD.IMS 3405844 01/14/14
TECH214151 Incorrect formatting on Manage CAB form. 3414696 01/27/14
TECH214152 Incorrect formatting on Edit Change process type action. 3414709 01/27/14
TECH214441 Problem Management generates errors when using custom priorities. 3337111 02/12/14
TECH214545 Adding files as attachments does not work in Simple Incident Feeder. 3423580 02/25/14
TECH214739 Unable to successfully select some queues in Process Automation rules 3358780 02/25/14
TECH214738 SMP Asset reports for Change don't open in a new window. 3340667 02/25/14
TECH214687 E-mail responses are being added as process messages instead of user comments. 3427395 02/25/14
TECH215337 Incident Owner not properly set when using Search for User when editing an incident 3441569 02/25/14
TECH215338 Shared template checkbox naming inconsistency between forms when creating an Incident Template. 3422909 02/25/14
TECH215344 Subtask assignments are lost when using the option clear existing assignments. 3427541 02/25/14
TECH215342 Parent entry selection required if you attempt to edit a knowledge base article during the approval process. 3424089 02/25/14
TECH215346 Modification to a Knowledge Base article's category during approval isn't saved. 3424124 02/25/14
TECH215727 Links generated for Business Services that are associated with Incidents open in the Edit Resource page on the SMP instead of the Resource Manager page. 3458472 03/19/14
TECH216296 Edited Process Title/Name & Process Description revert back on Incident Resolution 3464386 04/01/14
TECH216317 Edited Change plan data is overwritten during deny/approval step. 3472699 04/02/14
TECH216873 Error when attempting to add a change schedule to a Change request 3491430 04/22/14
TECH217147 Truncation error generated if while editing an incident the incident title exceeds 100 characters. 3497085 04/30/14
TECH217152 Problem Management tickets created through an existing incident don't have a Submitter associated with them. 3496307 04/30/14
TECH217217 Task e-mail variables are not getting populated in Change Management e-mail template 3402011 06/10/14
TECH217663 Send Incident to Workflow changes are not being maintained when used the rulesets OnOwnershipChanged and OnTicketAssigned 3512918 05/21/14
TECH217695 Service Managers are unable to view documents attached to EM tickets 3504302 05/22/14
TECH224152 SD.IncidentManagementSimple has a logic problem where it copies over cached AllLocationChoices with filtered version of AllLocationChoices. 3554036 08/27/14
TECH222783 SD.IncidentManagementSimple.Classification has a logic problem where it copies over cached AllLocationChoices with filtered version of AllLocationChoices. 3526922 07/08/14
TECH223007 Can Add Duplicate Assets to Servicedesk Incident or Process 3128885 07/14/14
TECH223330 Incidents Awaiting Resolution Cannot be Worked/Closed and are Broken 3574227 07/29/14
TECH223814 Legacy incident component "GetIncidentsCreatedByDate" used in Tech Feeder. 3503407 08/14/14
TECH224442 Adding an Automation Generator to IM extended data library results in SLA rules actions generating an error. 3530639 09/09/14
TECH224443 Incident Management automation rules don't contain the necessary information to use the EmailNotificationSent data even ruleset. 3600669 09/09/14
TECH224200 Change Request Form has Incorrect Size Suffix for Attachments. 3579207 08/28/14
 TECH225503 Changing ticket status from Resolved to Closed in IM flow fails when IncidentTicket datatype is extended. 3642939 10/21/14
TECH225614 Potential Timeout issues in Incident Management 3599351 10/21/14 
TECH226057 Vote status is not updated when voting tasks are completed during Change ticket being on hold. 3650897 11/05/14 
TECH226060 Planning tasks are recreated twice after the Change ticket is removed from hold 3650918 11/05/14 
TECH226058 After extending Change data with automation rule, OnChangeReceived rule no longer routes CM tickets  3649089 11/05/14
TECH226227 When Test task is completed after removing change from hold, main implementation task can't be completed 3657729 11/11/14 
TECH228543 Reason for re-opening an incident in resolved status doesn't appear in the incident information 3721604 02/18/15 
TECH229050 SD.AssetViewProject generates error when non-CMDB based assets are assigned to an incident 3747913 03/30/15
TECH230069 KNOWN ISSUE: OnImplementationDateReached ruleset throws an error if an e-mail is sent to the Implementor. 3555288 04/22/15
TECH230527 Emails are not being sent when using the Request Access to Network Share Tool 3785268 05/19/15
TECH233533 KNOWN ISSUE: Cannot find SD.Filters.dll & Symantec.ServiceDesk.Cm.dll errors are generated in the ProcessManager logs   11/17/15
TECH233933 Enhancements to Manage Incidents portal page   01/07/16
TECH234976 KNOWN ISSUE: Unable to use paging arrows past page 2 on Managed Incidents page   05/26/16



Applies To

 ServiceDesk 7.5 Service Pack 1

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