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How to install the Symantec Mobile Security (SMS) Agent located on the Mobile Security Gateway (MSG) site-server


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Mobile Management Endpoint Protection


Devices must use the MobileSecurity.apk stored on the Mobile Security Gateway rather than the one hosted in the Google Play store.

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The .apk MIME type is not added into IIS on the Mobile Security Gateway site-server.


  1. Locate the MSG site-server by navigating from the Altiris console to Home > Mobile Security > Settings > Mobile Security Gateway.
  2. Highlight the server and select the email-icon above.
  3. Make note of the URL of the Mobile Security agent.
  4. Access the IIS7 console on the site server and select "Default web site"
  5. Switch to features view and double click MIME Types
  6. On the right, select "Add". For the File name extension enter:".apk" (without quotation marks). For MIME type: enter: "application/octet-stream" (without quotation marks) Click OK
  7. As administrator run the iisreset command from command prompt.
  8. From the Android device's browser, navigate to the URL from step 3.

Applies To

All devices running Android 3.0 and higher