Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) sTokens and what is unsupported in Symantec App Center 4.2


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Upon enrollment in the Apple VPP, you can download a service token (sToken) file from your Apple account.  Symantec App Center uses the sToken file to establish connection with the VPP program and download VPP license information for purchased apps.


NOTE:  iBooks are not supported for App Center 4.2.

App Center 4.2 does not support the following:

  • Sharing an sToken between tenants on the same cluster
  • Multiple sTokens within a tenant

Note that re-uploading an sToken will remove any existing license records.  If you re-upload an sToken file, manually resync (Settings > App License Management > Sync Now) to re-populate the license record information.



For more information about using Apple VPP with Symantec App Center go to the following URL:

For more information about the Apple Volume Purchase Plan, go to the following URL:

Click here to view a video about configuring VPP with App Center.


Applies To

iOS 7 and later