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Deployment Solution Altiris Network Discovery


After upgraded their Altiris server to version 7.5. computers are unable to boot to WinPE at all.

The PXE booting computers pick up the local PXE Server server fine and they get an IP Address but default to Auto Select (Bios/EFI) which boots the machine from its main hard disk dirve

We saw the following error under altiris log viewer :

Begin download for package: {ABD668D6-E76D-4313-B50C-3309D75D7012}
Download Snapshot: http://servername/Altiris/NS/Agent/GetPackageSnapshot.aspx?Resource=&PackageId={ABD668D6-E76D-4313-B50C-3309D75D7012}&compress=1
Download Snapshot complete: OK
Snapshot signature is not valid for package: '{ABD668D6-E76D-4313-B50C-3309D75D7012}'
Error while downloading package: The snapshot received does not correspond the signature. (0x80004005)
Error while downloading package: No connection to server (0x80004005)
Retry package: id={ABD668D6-E76D-4313-B50C-3309D75D7012} delay=5760 secs at=29/10/2013 5:34:27 PM causedDelay=1 earliestRetryTime=
End download for package: {ABD668D6-E76D-4313-B50C-3309D75D7012}. Status: retrying


The signature for the Package snapshot was not valid.


We went to Task Scheduler and ran the following three tasks :

  • NS.Package Distribution Point Update Schedule.{29a2b641-222a-43b0-830c-a25c59e93fe4}
  • NS.Package Refresh.{bd6bf880-bfae-4dad-b746-e8be99f3b8a8}
  • NS.Package Server Status Event Capture Item.{f85fe5d9-005a-40ac-b213-944b496405fe}

After executing there we were then able to download the snapshot and also see that we were able to generate the WinPE and it was in the process as the bootwiz.exe was getting executed.

Applies To

DS 7.5