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Correct sequence of manually adding new drivers to existing Preboot Configurations


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Deployment Solution IT Management Suite


After drivers have been added to the Preboot Drivers location, existing Preboot Configurations are not updated with them, even though 'Recreate Preboot Environment' has been executed.

The default source location for Preboot Drivers is located on the Notification Server under:

C:\Program Files\Altiris\Deployment\BDC\Bootwiz\Platforms\WinPE\[x86/x64]\Drivers\CUSTOM\Drivers\[folders named after INFs with driver contents]

Drivers can be added through the console under Settings->Deployment->Driver Management | Preboot tab


It takes some time for the newly added drivers to reach the Package Servers. The Preboot Configuration can be properly rebuilt after the BDC package is updated/replicated to all necessary Package Servers.


After new drivers have been added, execute the following server schedules under Windows Task Scheduler Library to update package information on the Notification Server:

- NS.Package distribution Point Update Schedule
- NS.Package Server Status Event Capture Item
- NS.Package Refresh

After schedules are executed, wait or manually update Package Servers to receive new versions of the 'BDC' package. This can be verified under the 'Package Server' tab of the Symantec Management Agent on the appropriate Site Server(s).

Once the BDC package is updated on all Site Servers, press Recreate Preboot Environment in the console under Settings -> Deployment -> Create Preboot Configuration.

Wait until your Preboot Configuration shows as ready (indicated by green checkbox) for all NBS Servers: Open Settings -> Deployment -> Create Preboot Configuration, Select Preboot Configuration and press Status.

When Status is Ready for all NBS Servers, all clients that are booted from this Preboot Configuration will then have the new driver available.