Web UI and top command shows that simserver occupy CPU 90 % - 99%


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Security Information Manager


After updating to Symantec Security Information Manager (SSIM) 4.8.1, you noticed that the simserver process useage is very high.




The command "top" shows the CPU consumption for each process considering the total power of cores on the Server. 
For e.g. An 4 core machine running with Hyper threading enabled will have 8 logical cores. Hence the total CPU percentage consumption can range between 0 to 800%.

To get a relative CPU consumption in range (0 to 100), the output of top command must be divided by number of cores.
Run command "nproc" to get the number of cores on appliance.

An alternate  mechanism is to run the top command in "Irix mode" which will show figure between (0 % to 99 %) as it internally divides by number of CPU during display.

In SSIM 4.8.1 we have introduced multi-threading for simserver service i.e co-relation. Hence, the CPU consumption being higher than 4.8 is expected observation as the CPU resources are optimally getting utilized.

Applies To

SSIM 4.8.1+ only