Resource Manager - inventory view, dataclass status tab not loading


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


On Altiris console, open resource manager for a computer resource, browse to "View", "Inventory"

Pick a data class, on the right pane the "Status" tab doesn't load the dataclass information.

System.InvalidCastException: Specified cast is not valid.
at Altiris.Resource.UI.RM.RMInventoryStatus.GetInventoryForwardingSection(Guid resourceGuid, Guid DataClassGuid, ResourceManager rm)
at Altiris.Resource.UI.RM.RMInventoryStatus.GetPage(Guid resourceGuid, String dbTableName, Guid optionalGuid)
at Altiris.Resource.Web.Explorer.InventoryClassStatusTab.WriteSummary()


This issue is caused by [ForwardDate] column in [ForwardHistorySummary] table being null.


This issue is resolved in ITMS 7.5

To workaround this issue on ITMS 7.1 populate any date on the mentioned field so the page would load successfully.

eg. set the date field to current date
update ForwardingHistorySummary set ForwardDate = GETDATE() where ForwardDate is null


Applies To

ITMS 7.1 SP1 mp1