FMR: Include more Email statistics in Daily Status Email for Symantec Encryption Mangement Server


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Encryption Management Server


Currently Symantec Encryption Management Server (SEMS) has the ability to include certain server statistics and email the Administrator of the SEMS.  Some of these statistics include Mail Encryption statistics for the following:

Processed Today:
Encrypted Today:
Decrypted Today:
Messages in Queue:
Messages dropped from Queue:
Messages in Archive Queue:
Messages dropped from Archive Queue:
Total Processed:
Total Encrypted:
Total Decrypted:
Total Dropped From Queue:
Total Dropped From Archive Queue:

A request has been created to include more statistics such that these statistics can be broken down by external recipient domains.  For example, if sending a message to senderdomain.dom, SEMS should include how many emails were encrypted with PGP Keys, Symantec Web Email Protection, PDF Email Protection, X.509, etc., and list these statistics per day, week, and per month, and per domain for each of these.



A formal feature request has been made to include this functionality and is currently under review by Symantec Product Management.  This is a request and not a guarantee to include this functionality in the future.  Subscribe to this article and if future updates are made, a notification email will be sent out.