Access to an unnamed file was denied when using PCT and DS 7.5


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I'm trying to create a PCT package by mapping to the DS 7.5 deployment share and then I execute PCTWiz.exe I go through the process of selecting what to capture, but at the end of the process when I try to start the capture process I receive the following error: Access to an unnamed file was denied.

I'm running the process with a domain administrator account.


During the implementation of PCT 6.8 on the release version of DS 7.5 we have some broken links and that's why we are getting the above error message.


At this point the only way to address the issue will be to re-install PCT 6.8 on your DS 7.5. This issue will be address on the next HF or SP for DS 7.5.

To reinstall PCT 6.8 on DS 7.5 please follow these two knowledge base articles:

If you still have problems or questions regarding the above suggestions please contact tech support.


Applies To

DS 7.5

PCT 6.8

Win XP, Vista, 7, 8.