KNOWN ISSUE: DS7.5. On Upgrade of the SMP from 7.1 to 7.5, all images are missing.


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After upgrading a 7.1 SMP to 7.5, any images that used to exist in 7.1 are missing in the new console and not found on disk.

The symptoms actually vary slightly, and seem to be clustering around two different scenarios:

  1. The images are not in the console, but are in fact on the disk.
  2. The images are neither in the console nor on the disk.  They are completely missing.


This is still being researched by Support and Development.  it does not happen every time, so we're trying to pinpoint the failure.


Scenario 1: The images are not listed, but exist.

In this scenario, we're researching how to make them "link up" again.  If you look at Image Resources, the images are all listed, and as packages, and you can find the images under the default location (program files\Altiris\Notification Server\NSCap\Bin\Deployment\Images)but for some reason, the link that makes the image an "image" is missing.  We don't know how to create that link yet in the database.  Please call support.

A possible short-term work-around would be to use the Resource Import tool to pull in some of those images again.  It will make a new resource, essentially duplicating the image, but at least that image is then workable.

Scenario 2: The images are simply missing, even from the disk.

Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet to bring the images back to life.  Undeleete tools might work, but it's doubtful.  If you have a copy of them, on a site server or test server, or even in a backup / snapshot, they can be recovered that way.

If all of those are missing, you'll have to rebuild them.  This may be adviseable anyway since there's a new agent to go into them.

RECOMMENDED: Backup your deployment share before upgrading.  This applies to the SMP and the Site Servers, for now.

Applies To

DS 7.5 when upgraded from 7.1.  For new installations, the point is irrelevant.