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Server Side Exception error when launching Policy Central Website in CCS 11


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


After upgrading to CCS 11 PU 2013-2, when launching the new Policy Central website (which installed with this PU), a sever side exception error is received in the Internet browser.


Unhandled server side exception.

The Policy Central Log files indicate that there was a NULL value and that a particular field cannot be blank.



No Policy Manager licenses installed.



If there are no Policy Manager licenses installed, then this error will occur when launching the Policy Central website.  While the installation of this PU installs the policy central website, without Policy licenses installed the Policy Central website is not available for use.  To ensure this is the issue, check the MANAGE menu inside of the CCS 11 console.  There should be no listings for POLICIES on that menu, indicating there are no policy manager licenses installed.  If a similar error is received after installing a license for Policies and after creating policies in the CCS console, contact Symantec Support for assistance.


Applies To

CCS 11 with PU 2013-2 or higher installed.