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This article contains links to additional information about the Ransomware type of threats, prepared by Symantec Security Response.



Trojan.Ransomlock is not a detection for one single threat, or variants of one single threat. It is the detection name for a full class of malware - one that has become increasingly common the past several years. there are several hundred write-ups for distinct variants.  With new Ransomware malware discovered on a daily basis, end-user education is an important part of the protection. The videos and other resources below are aimed to help users recognize this set of threats.


Ransomware protection and removal:

Hardening Your Environment Against Ransomware

Support Perspective: W97M.Downloader Battle Plan

Ransomware protection and removal with Symantec Endpoint Protection

Ransomware Do's and Dont's: Protecting Critical Data

Ransomware Is Not Just About Malware: Your Response Shouldn’t Be Either

Don't Pay That Ransom: Fighting Ransomware In A New Threat Landscape

Video: Protect against Ransomware with Symantec Endpoint Protection


Security Response Ransomware Removal Videos:


Remove FBI Moneypak Virus: Free Virus Removal

Remove ICE Cybercrime Center Virus: Advanced Ransomware Removal Using Safe Mode Command Prompt

Remove Cyber Crime Virus For Free: Advanced ICE Ransomware Removal Using Windows Preboot

Remove Department of Justice Virus: Free Virus Removal


General information:

Special Report: Ransomware and Businesses 2016  

The evolution of ransomware

Ransomware: How to stay safe

Ransomcrypt: A Thriving Menace 

Ransomware - A Growing Menace (3-minute video introduction to Ransomware)

Ransomware: A Growing Menace (whitepaper)

Ransomware on the rise: Norton tips on how to prevent getting infected.

Ransomware: How to Earn $33,000 Daily

Cryptolocker Alert: Millions in the UK Targeted in Mass Spam Campaign

Cryptolocker Q&A: Menace of the Year

Massive Malvertising Campaign Leads to Browser-Locking Ransomware

First Response to: Cryptolocker \ Ransomcrypt\ Encryptor


Norton Ransomware landing page:


Connect forum:

Recovering Ransomlocked Files Using Built-In Windows Tools

CryptoLocker/CryptoDefense Defenses . . .

The dawn of ransomware: How ransomware could move to wearable devices


The Day After: Necessary Steps after a Virus Outbreak