Error "Unable to open the selected document. The document must be stored on a server using a UNC path." occurs when trying to view an associated document


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Asset Management Solution


When the View button is clicked for an associated document in an Asset Management asset, such as a Contract or Master License Agreement.


Product defect, Etrack 3336092 (for UNC paths), or, working as designed (for non-UNC paths).


For the product defect

This is a product defect that is resolved in Asset Management 7.5.

For Asset Management 7.1, this may be cosmetic only as the document may still be able to be viewed after the user closes the error message. If not, there is no workaround to enable this to work other than to upgrade to Asset Management 7.5.

For working as designed

This error will occur if a non-UNC file path is used, such as "C:\filename.pdf". This is normal in that only UNC paths are supported. Change the path therefore to a UNC path for this function to work correctly with.

Applies To

Asset Management 7.1