Symantec Control Compliance Suite Assessment Manager 11.0 Migration Utility


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Control Compliance Suite Assessment Manager


A utility is required to migrate the CCS RAM 10.5 content and questionnaires to CCS AM 11.0


Release Highlights

You can now migrate the CCS RAM 10.5 data into CCS AM 11.0 by using the CCS AM 11.0 Migration Utility. After a successful migration, the CCS RAM 10.5 data is in a format that can be consumed by CCS AM 11.0. The CCS Assessment Manager Migration Utility is a command-line utility and you must be an administrator to execute the utility.

You can execute the migration utility by using the command prompt or by using the batch files.

You can migrate the following by using the migration utility:

  • CCS RAM 10.5 configuration parameters
  • CCS RAM 10.5 user details
  • CCS RAM 10.5 questionnaires and content
  • CCS RAM 10.5 email templates
  • CCS RAM 10.5 invitations
  • CCS RAM 10.5 user responses

The CCS RAM 10.5 invitations that have associated assets are migrated to CCS AM 11.0 as asset compliance assessments. You can view the data related to asset compliance assessments that you migrate from CCS RAM 10.5 in the CCS reports and panels.

What is not migrated to CCS AM 11.0

The following properties are not migrated from CCS RAM 10.5 to CCS AM 11.0:

  • Recurring schedules of the assessments.

If an assessment has a recurring schedule, then the date of next occurrence after migration is considered as the first scheduled date for the assessment.

  • Hop-based questionnaires

Hop-based questionnaires are migrated as linear questionnaires.

Note: File types that are not supported in CCS AM 11.0 are migrated to CCS AM 11.0 except for the executable files. However, you cannot add any more files of an unsupported format.

For more details on the CCS AM 11.0 Migration Utility, refer to the CCS_AM_11_0_Migration_Utility_Help.chm or the CCS_AM_11_0_Migration_Utility_ReadMe.pdf.


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