Windows Servers 2003 and Windows XP Computers with slow boot up - 7.5 Management Agent Installed


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IT Management Suite


Customer noticed that his Windows Servers 2003 and Windows XP computers hang at “applying computer settings” after they boot up or logged in.   When they disable the Symantec Management Agent services the issue is not longer present. 


 The root cause was that the Symantec Management Agent service was set to automatic by a GPO. This is not considered a defect since the GPO was changing our default service setting.

As a technical review:
As a way to provide better OS Support, ITMS 7.5 introduces a new service "Symantec Management Agent (Delayed Launcher)" which at install is set to start Automatically while the Symantec Management Agent is set to Manual. If something (in this case a GPO) changes the Symantec Management Agent to Automatic then following a restart the agent can't start due to contention of the services database.  This also results in a delayed profile load and login screen.


  • On XP AeXNSClient service's startup type has been changed to "Manual". The special new service has been added to emulate the delayed start. The service name is "Symantec Management Agent (Delayed Launcher)", the short name is "AeXNSClientLauncher", the service is "Automatic" and hosted inside AeXNSAgent.exe, upon startup the launcher reads "Delay at System Boot (secs)" registry entry, waits for the specified number of seconds and then starts AeXNSClient service. If 3rd party software or user wants to start AeXNSClient service before Windows starts it they can do that manually or via API - the service will start immediately and will be ready to accept COM calls after entering "running" state


This issue can be resolved by changing the Symantec Management Agent service from "Automatic" to "Manual".


Applies To

 ITMS 7.5