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Considerations when importing asset common fields from CSV files in Control Compliance Suite 11.0


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


CSV file for original asset import and common fields is\are present however common fields are not importing.


No error



Need for matching domain and Hostname fields between asset import CSV file and CSV file used for common fields.



To get any of the common fields to be added during a machine asset import, you need to make sure that the some key header values are included in the common CSV file.  CCS 11 does asset import addition of common fields in two passes.  The first pass gets into the import buffer the required primary and unique fields. The second pass then looks for a CSV file (or ODBC connection) that has Common fields  that match the primary fields for that machine type.

Windows Machines:

   Two unique fields, domain name and hostname are utilized to match on between the two passes.  These fields both begin with the letters "WntMachine."  They can be loaded into the import buffer either from existing assets that are being targeted for the new import, or as brand new assets that are from a CSV file or ODBC data collector.    

The second pass then looks for a CSV file (or ODBC data connection...depending on configuration) that has Common fields populated for domain name and hostname. These two fields both begin with the word "Common".  When there is a match on domain name and hostname between what is in the import buffer and what is in the CSV file, the common fields in that file are imported along with the asset (or there is a modification to an existing asset depending on the reconciliation rules for the import job).

Because of this two pass import, and the need to match on domain name and hostname, a CSV file for Windows Machine asset imports contains four fields that look to be duplicates.  Two for domain and two for hostname.  The only difference is that one set begins with WntMachine and the other begins with Common.  Therefore to import assets and common fields at the same time using one CSV file, all four fields must be populated.   If two different files are used, then the asset import file needs to have the Wntmachine fields populated and the CSV file needs to have the Common fields filled in.....along with remaining common field data.

You must also setup a CSV Common Data Location and Platform Specific Data Location (Windows, Unix, Oragle) for this to work.

  1. To to this, go to Settings > Map View.
  2. Right-click the Site CCS Manager and choose Edit Settings.
  3. Click CSV under Data Location and add the two Data Locations required for this import.
    Note: for CSV File Path, the path must be a Shared Location.  It cannot be a local directory to the CCS Manager.

UNIX Machine:

     For UNIX machine asset imports there are also duplicate fields.  Ones for UNIX.Machine and UNIX.IPAddress and the corresponding common fields: Common.UnixMachine.HostMachine,Common.UnixMachine.IPAddress   

Again there would be a need to fill in all four fields if the same CSV file is being used for original import and common fields.


Applies To

Control Compliance Suite 11